Specific regulations

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Tierra Estella Epic is an MTB event in its XCM modality that will take place on Saturday, October 5 in the town of Ayegui / Aiegi (Navarra) starting at 9 a.m. It is organized by the Lizarraldea MTB Cycling Club.

These regulations may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the Organization.

The completion of the registration implies the acceptance of the "Disclaimer and certificate of physical fitness" set forth in Article 2.2 of the regulations.

The completion of the registration implies full acceptance of these regulations.

Tierra Estella Epic will have a double format:

  • Competitive version. UCI class C1 test that will take place on a route of approximately 89.3 km and 2900 m of accumulated positive elevation gain, and where only individuals with a license issued by a cycling federation approved by the UCI (International Cycling Union) can participate.
  • Cyclotourist version. In this modality, participants will have the option to choose between the same route as the competitive version or a shorter one called Medio Fondo (middle distance) of about 55.5 km and approximately 1300 m of accumulated positive elevation. Here, individuals with or without a cycling license can participate; in the latter case, irrespective of the category they are registered in.

Departure Times



UCI Competition Men

9:00 AM

UCI Competition Women

9:05 AM

Cyclotourist. Bike marathon

9:20 AM

Cyclotourist. Middle Fund

10:00 AM


Note: These schedules may be altered by the Organization.

Participation in Tierra Estella Epic is open to athletes aged 19 and over for the Bike marathon format. For the Medio Fondo, the minimum age will be 15 years. In both cases, this age must be reached by December 31, 2024.

The use of an approved helmet is mandatory throughout the tour.

The organization advises all participants to undergo a medical examination prior to the event in order to rule out any anomalies incompatible with the practice of cycling.

The organization will have Civil Liability insurance for all participants and accident insurance for non-federated participants. Federated members already have the accident policy of their respective federation.

Registration for non-federated people includes civil liability and accident insurance with medical assistance ONLY in concerted centers, except in cases of justified need.

2.1 Electric bicycles

The participation of electric bicycles is allowed in the MEDIO FONDO distance, but not in the bike marathon distance, except in the case of carrying out work within the Organization of the event.

Participants using this type of bicycles must indicate it in the registration questionnaire.

They will be assigned different bib numbers and an exclusive classification will be created, separate from the Half-Fondo distance classification.

Depending on demand, there is the option of having a separate start time. If this happens, the start will be after 10 AM, but this will be finalized the month before the event takes place.

2.2 Points to consider:

I release the Organization from any harm that may result from my participation in this excursion due to health reasons, personally assuming the inherent health risk posed by the physical effort required for this event, for which I declare myself fit.

I acknowledge the inherent risks of participating in the event, including:

  • Significant technical difficulties in some sections of the route.
  • Dangerous sections requiring extreme caution.
    Extended technical descents where I will moderate my speed to prevent self-inflicted and/or other injuries.
  • Sections where the road conditions require special attention, and I will solely and exclusively assume responsibility for any damage incurred due to the state of roads, paths, or defects in road infrastructure.
  • The possibility of experiencing a sports-related accident inherent to cycling, and I personally assume responsibility for any accidents that may occur involving other participants.
  • The possibility of causing an accident involving a third party not participating in the event, and I personally assume full responsibility for such an accident.

Possible presence of livestock, domestic animals, or wild animals, as well as organic remains.

Bike marathon. Maximum 750 participants


07/05 to 05/31

06/01 to 08/18

08/19 to 09/15

Federated people




Non-federated people





Medio Fondo. Maximum 350 participants


07/05 to 05/31

06/01 to 08/18

08/19 to 09/15

Federated people




Non-federated people





Registration will close when the quota of 1,100 participants is reached or on September 15 at 5:00 p.m.

The organization reserves the right to modify the number of registrations.

Likewise, 100 places are reserved for commitments by Sponsors and the Organization itself.

People registered after July 29 are not guaranteed the test jersey.

A joint waiting list will be enabled for both tours. To the extent that places are released due to withdrawals, we will offer them to those who are on the waiting list in strict order of registration.

To formalize the registration, the participants must complete the form found in the registration section of the page as well as accept these regulations.

After payment through the electronic gateway, the registration can be confirmed in the specific section for this query (List of registered people)

People registered on the same day of the test will not be admitted unless expressly notified by the Organization.

The assigned number will be published the day before the event on the information panel placed by the Organization in the number pick-up area (Sports Center). This year, and to expedite the process of collecting dorsals, said list will be sent by email. It will also be published on the website and social networks.

You can change the size of the jersey until July 28 and after that, you will no longer be able to make changes. This change can be made from the Rockthesport platform or by sending an email to:

On the other hand, in the period between July 29 and September 15 at 5 p.m., changes in the size of jerseys and any other element with sizing will not be accepted in changes of ownership.

If the event cannot be carried out on the scheduled dates due to the restrictions imposed by the Health Authorities of Navarra or another cause of force majeure, the test will be held once these restrictions are lifted, transferring all registrations to the new date.

The registration fee will only be refunded in the event that the event is definitively canceled by the Authorities. In this case, only €6 will be charged for bank fees and €20 for the jersey that will be sent to each participant.

The refund amount will not cover the cost of the purchased cancellation insurance or any acquired clothing, equipment, or other services unrelated to the registration.

The Organization retains the right to cancel the event up to 1 hour before the start if participants' physical well-being is compromised due to meteorological conditions.

The Organization assumes no responsibility for additional expenses linked to registration, such as accommodations or travel costs, in case the event is canceled.

If necessary, the organization may implement the following modifications:

  • Alter routes and/or activate alternative sections.
  • Adjust departure times.

Registration for Tierra Estella Epic does not include refunds of the registration fee for any circumstance (except the aforementioned) starting from 15 days after registration, unless cancellation insurance is purchased at the time of registration.

Regardless of the date on which registration is processed, returns will not be accepted after September 15 at 5 p.m. under any circumstances.

In case of purchasing cancellation insurance, participants must initiate the unsubscription process directly with the insurance company. The Organization is not responsible for this process.

Regardless of the registration processing date, no refunds will be accepted after September 17 at 5:00 p.m. under any circumstances.

If cancellation insurance is purchased, participants must initiate the unsubscription process directly with the insurance company, and the Organization is not responsible for this process.

The participant who cannot attend the test and is registered may transfer their registration with prior notice to the Organization until September 15 at 5:00 p.m.. In the event that the change is between federated and non-federated, the non-federated person must pay the 5€ difference. The process for payment or adjustment of these amounts will be announced in due course. If these changes are made without notifying the Organization, they will not be considered valid.

Starting from September 15 at 5:01 p.m., changes in the ownership of bib numbers will not be accepted, and emails regarding these matters will not be addressed.

All ownership changes must maintain both the chosen jersey size (and the rest of the optional material chosen) as of July 29. Yes, it is possible to change mode and distance until September 15 at 5 p.m.

Within the competitive modality, it will be possible to change categories (from elite to master or vice versa) within the change of ownership until September 15 at 5:00 p.m.

The process to perform this change must be carried out via email at, including details of the current registration holder and the replacement participant.

This change must be initiated by the registered participant; the person intending to take their place cannot initiate the change unless a written and signed consent is provided by the registered participant.


Reselling registrations and subsequently participating with another person's bib number may result in penalties for both the seller and the buyer if such changes are made without notifying the Organization. The Organization reserves the right to impose penalties on both parties.

There are two phases to remove the numbers and the Race Pack:

Day before (Friday, October 4) at the permanent office (Sports Center):

From 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


The same day of the test (Saturday, October 5) at the permanent office (Sports Center):

The permanent office located in the sports center will remain open the same day of the test from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. As the departures are differentiated, we recommend removing the numbers in the following hours according to the chosen modality to minimize crowds:

Competitive version. Bike marathon distance. 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Cyclotourist version. Bike marathon distance: 7 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Cyclotourist. Medio Fondo (middle distance). 8 a.m. to 9:20 a.m.

The Race Pack will be collected together with the number at the same times established for it.

The bib numbers lists will be sent to the emails used at the time of registration. The goal of this is to minimize waiting and crowding.

During the bib collection process, all participants must show their ID, driver's license or passport. In addition, federated participants must also show their cycling license. The mountain license with BTT supplement or any other license other than the one issued by the RFEC will not be valid.

To collect the number of a third person, it will be necessary to present a photocopy of the DNI and of the cycling license in case of being federated. A photograph of these documents on the mobile is also valid.

In this process, an identification bracelet will be given to each participant that they must wear during Saturday. This bracelet is used to make use of the services as well as being a security element.

IMPORTANT: In accordance with the regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), foreign participants holding a cycling license not processed by the RFEC, must have a written authorization from their national federation certifying that their insurance is valid for participate in this test. This document must be presented to the Commissioners in order to collect the number.

Differentiated output is proposed by modalities according to the indicated schedules.

Following the UCI regulations, the start of the competitive test will be divided into two:

9:00 Start men

9:05. Start women

For both outputs, the scheme of the drawers will be the following:

  • Box 1: Composed of the following people (according to article 4.12.005 of the UCI Cycling Regulations))
    • o Riders ranked in the top 24 of the most recently published UCI XCM World Cup.
    • According to the most recently published UCI XCM individual classification.
    • According to the most recently published UCI XCO individual ranking.
  • Box 2: People registered in the Elite, sub 23 and Master modalities.
  • Box 3: People enrolled in the master modality.

For the cyclotourist version, two exits are proposed with a single drawer per exit:

  • Departure 1-9:20 a.m. Participants in the bike marathon.
  • Departure 2-10:00 a.m. Participants in the middle distance.

The drawers will open 15 minutes before each of the departures. In the case of Box 1, the runners must wait on a side attached to the starting arch to be called over the public address system in order to access it.

In the case of the start of the women's competitive test, the Box will open immediately after the start of the men's test. We recommend waiting to access them.

No participating person can take the start once the official start of their group has been given unless the Commissioner allows it.

Crossings with roads will be regulated by the Provincial Police and volunteers from the Organization, but it must be remembered that traffic is open throughout the route and that traffic regulations must be respected.

The test crosses several towns, in which it is important to respect traffic regulations and the priority of pedestrians.

Each participant is responsible for their own driving, assuming the risks and situations, even in front of third parties, that may lead to the fact of participating in the test, both at the level of physical and mental effort, such as falls or other types of injuries and will exempt from any liability to the Organization.

The test has a medical service and this will be authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.

It is mandatory to carry a charged mobile phone during the test. This will be key when contacting, if there is a need for a breakdown or medical issues, with the emergency telephone numbers that appear on the bib number.

Medical services are not obliged to care for people who are not registered in the test.

There will be four cut-off points for the people participating in the bike marathon:

  • Cut-off point 1. Villatuerta refreshment area. Bifurcation of routes.
  • Cut-off point 2. Eraul refreshment area.
  • Cut-off point 3. Artabia refreshment area.
  • Cut-off point 4. Eulz refreshment area

For the people participating in the Medio Fondo, there will be a cut-off point in the route that will be Villatuerta.

The maximum time available to pass through these points will be announced in due course.

In the competitive test, the judges will establish the cut-off times in the aforementioned points. It will be announced through official media as soon as the Organization knows about it. Normally, the cut-off time is around 80% of the time taken by the first runner.

However, the Organization reserves the right to withdraw participating people who, despite meeting the maximum times, do not meet the optimal conditions to complete the tour. This will apply especially between cut-off point 4 and the finish line in the case of the bike marathon and cut-off point 1 and the finish line in the case of the Medio Fondo.

Participants who do not arrive at the bifurcation of the two routes (Villatuerta) at the time established as cut-off, will be diverted to the Medio Fondo route.

At the rest of the cut-off points, those people who do not arrive within the scheduled cut-off time will have three options: continue along the established route or reach the finish line on the alternative route. In both cases, the participating person will be out of the race and will circulate under her responsibility. The third option consists of boarding an Organization vehicle to go directly to the finish line.

These areas will be common and will be signposted both at the beginning of them and at the end.

Mechanical assistance

There will be 4 mechanical assistance points for all the participating people to which one more will be added (Artabia) only for the teams of the competitive version.

  • Muniáin de la Solana. Refreshment area 1 (Teams only, there will be no assistance from the Organization).
  • Villatuerta. Refreshment area 2.
  • Eraul. Refreshment area 3.
  • Artabia. Refreshment area 4 (Teams only, there will be no assistance from the Organization).
  • Eulz. Refreshment area 5.

The Organization will not provide the materials to carry out the possible repairs but the labor for them.

However, it is recommended to bring basic spare parts such as inner tubes, chain tool, multi-tools, etc.

The assistance services of the Organization will not attend to any person who is not registered in the test.

It will not be possible to access the team assistance area without having registered as assistance at the Permanent Office and having collected the accreditation or being a member of the Organization. In order to access the technical areas, you must have a valid cycling license.

People participating in the UCI event may not receive assistance outside these areas.

Refreshment areas

The test will have 5 refreshment points with drinks and food plus the finish refreshment.

In them there will be a part attended by the Organization addressed to all the participating people and another independent area for the teams attended by their assistants.

These areas are the same as those for technical assistance and therefore will be governed by the same regulations regarding access to them by team auxiliary personnel.

The refreshments will be the following:

AV1. Muniáin de la Solana.

AV2. Villatuerta

AV3. Eraul (Oak Zone)

AV4. Artabia

AV5. eulz

AV6. Ayegi/Aiegi. Goal

All will be complete except for Artabia, which will only be liquid.

People participating in the UCI event will not be able to receive assistance outside these areas.

Timing will be carried out using chips attached to the numbers where each participant will know the real time.

In addition to this, the competitive version will be controlled by a team of Commissioners assigned by the RFEC and the UCI, who will be responsible for validating the classification.

In order to get the times correctly, it is important that the number is placed correctly on the front of the bike.

It must be taken into account that the chip attached to the bib number must not be detached from it, otherwise it will not work.

The Organization will not address claims caused by misplacement or loss of the chip.

This service will be contracted to an external company and for this reason all possible claims will be diverted to it, being the latter the one that must give the pertinent explanations if it deems it necessary.

In the competitive version, claims must be addressed to the RFEC.

Classifications by categories and scratch will be established in the competitive version of the Bike Marathon and a single scratch classification for the cyclotourist version of the Bike Marathon and another for the Medio Fondo. In addition, in this distance an independent classification for ebikes will be established.

The classifications will be published on the website as soon as the company contracted to take the times provides them to us and they are contrasted with those prepared by the judges (in the case of the competitive version).

The Organization will have several intermediate control points to differentiate the participants of the bike marathon and the Medio Fondo.

To appear in the rankings and be eligible for prizes, it is essential to complete the chosen distance (bike marathon or Medio Fondo) in the registration and go through all the control points established during the route.

Trophies will be awarded to the first three classified people in each of the categories and in the schatch of the competitive version (Male and Female):

  • Elite
  • Under 23
  • Master 30
  • Master 40
  • Master 50
  • Master 60

The economic prizes according to the UCI regulations will be the following (only for elite and under 23 people):

1st/1st. €600

2nd/2nd. €500

3rd/3rd. €400

4th/4th. €300

5th/5th. €250

6th/6th. €200

7th/7th. €150

8th/8th. €125

9th/9th. €100

10th/10th. €50

According to UCI regulations, only male and female runners in the Elite and Under 23 categories will be eligible for these awards.

The cash prizes will be paid by transfer the days after the end of the test. The participating people who win cash prizes must request them by sending an email to with their information and account number. Participants who do not properly send the documentation for the payment of cash prizes within 60 days after the end of the test will lose their right to collect.

There will be no prizes for the first people classified in the Medio Fondo.

The test belongs to the UCI calendar being category C1. The points that are distributed between the first and the first are the following:

1st/1st. 60 Pts

2nd/2nd. 40 Pts

3rd/3rd. 30 Pts

4th/4th. 25 Pts

5th/5th. 20 Pts

6th/6th. 18 Pts.

7th/7th. 16 Pts

8th/8th. 14 Pts

9th/9th. 12 Pts

10th/10th. 10 Pts

11th/11th. 8 Pts

12th/12th. 6 Pts

13th/13th. 4 Pts

14th/14th. 2 Pts

15th/15th. 1 Pt


The Organization has the right to confiscate the electronic device of any participating person to verify that they have followed the official route, without taking shortcuts.

These categories will only be formed if at least 5 people take the start. In the event of not reaching 5 people, those people will go to the previous age group.

Participants who decide to leave the test must do so at one of the control or refreshment points. Only a serious injury or mechanical breakdown will justify the participant leaving at another point of the route.

Any person who abandons the test must notify the Organization by making a call to the telephone number indicated on the number or by notifying the Organization's people distributed along the route and/or refreshments.

In case of accident or emergency, and safeguarding the safety of the participating people, the Organization has the right to withdraw a participating person from the competition.

The Organization will have a series of vehicles in the refreshment areas in charge of picking up the participants who do not continue due to breakdown, fatigue or because they are out of control.

In the event of a breakdown or any incident, the identification plate contains the telephone number to contact the Organization.

Once the maximum time to finish the tour has been exceeded, all the services of the test will be deactivated and therefore no service is guaranteed.

The initial part of the route through the streets of Ayegui / Aiegi will be carried out in a neutralized way without the possibility of passing the opening car or motorcycle until the Chief Judge has given the start.

The route will be marked with arrows and marker tape, using marks on the ground only when it is not possible to place the previous systems. However, despite checking the route a few hours before departure, we cannot guarantee 100% that all the elements placed will be in place on the day of the test, either due to inclement weather, acts of vandalism, etc. That is why we recommend taking the GPS with the track of the route that the Organization will provide a few days before the test.

The route will be open to traffic, so we ask for caution, especially at crossroads and through towns.

In adverse weather conditions, the Organization reserves the right to modify the route.

The commissioners and the race director will be able to decide if any section of the route is not cyclable. In this case, the route can be diverted at other points provided by the Organization.

If for reasons beyond the control of the Organization it is not possible to finish the test, the final time will be that of the last control point passed.

Leaving the route marked by the Organization means disqualification.

All participants have the right to a post-race meal that will be distributed in the finish area from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In the Race Pack, a bracelet will be given that every participating person must wear. When ordering food, this element is essential so that the people of the Organization can identify the participating people.

It will be possible to purchase food vouchers for companions in the registration process or by sending an email until September 20 at 8:00 p.m. to Its cost will be 8€.

Every registered participant will have the option to sell their number through the official Marketplace, which will be available until September 14, 2024.

Once the change of owner has been made and the new participant purchases the registration, the refund of the amount will be processed except for the management costs (20%) on the same card that the initial payment was made.

The Marketplace will be the only means by which the registration can be put up for sale and the Organization will process the corresponding refund once the sale has been made.

The participating people will accept each one of the articles of this regulation and will commit to respect the traffic regulations and to cover the entire route until they cross the finish line.

Likewise, they state that they are respectful of the personnel involved in the Organization of the event, authorities and other participants.

In order to contribute to the minimum environmental impact of the test, the participants will use the garbage cans located in the aid stations to throw away wrappers, containers and food remains and will refrain from throwing anything outside these places.

In the case of observing a participating person throwing a package onto the field, they will be expelled from the event.

Respect populated areas without urinating in them. In Ayegui/Aiegi there are public toilets that will be sufficiently signposted.

Respect the cattle that you find along the route, the route crosses several grassy areas.

Respect the neighbors and people who are working in the transit area, it is very important if we want to continue enjoying Tierra Estella Epic.

Lizarraldea MTB guarantees full compliance with the Personal Data Protection regulations, therefore, in accordance with Organic Law 3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, all participants, when formalizing their registration, provide your consent to the inclusion of your data in the automated files of Lizarraldea MTB.

This file will be used for the organization of the sporting event, registration of the participants, management of the delivery of the numbers, insurance management for runners, publication of the marks made in the media, publication of photographs and images of the participants in the media, billing and in general those purposes related to the management and organization of a sporting event.

Your contact information will be kept indefinitely and may be transferred to the sponsors of the event to send information related to sporting events organized by the organization or by third parties, as well as the products or services offered by the organizers or sponsors of the sports event. These shipments may be made through both ordinary and electronic channels without prejudice to your right to cancel your personal data whenever you deem it appropriate.

The owner of the data will have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the terms provided in the aforementioned Law by writing to Lizarraldea MTB, C/Barandalla, 1. 31263 Dicastillo (Navarra), who is responsible for the file.

Likewise, and in accordance with the sporting, promotional and exploitation interests of Tierra Estella Epic throughout the world, through any device and without a time limit, the registered persons expressly assign to the Organization the right to reproduce their name and surname, the place obtained in the classification, his photographs and his videos.

The organizer is authorized for the total or partial recording, and consequent publicity exploitation in the broadest terms as possible by Law, of his presence or participation in the event through photographs, films, television, radio, video and any other means known or to be known, as well as the right to give them commercial, advertising, etc., use that it deems appropriate, without the right to any financial compensation.

The organizer informs the participant that an exclusive third party has been granted the rights corresponding to obtaining photographs and videos on the occasion of the competition and events related to the event. Said third party, as assignee of the indicated audiovisual rights, may obtain or capture images during the sporting event, having been expressly authorized by the organizer to make commercial use of the works carried out during the event.

Any participating person may be subjected to official anti-doping control in accordance with UCI regulations.

The Organization is not responsible for the expenses or debts that a participant may incur during the test.

The Commissioners can disqualify any participant who does not respect the regulations, expelling them from the test without the possibility of continuing in it.

The Organization reserves the right to modify these regulations without prior notice or consent.

The organization reserves the right of admission.

All schedules may be modified depending on the health situation on the scheduled date of the event.

Claims must be formally presented to the Commissioners and processed by them in accordance with the UCI regulations.