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Bike Marathon
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Tierra Estella Epic is a sporting event aimed at mountain bike enthusiasts, which runs along the trails and singletracks of Tierra Estella / Lizarraldea.

Developed in Ayegui, a village located in the centre of Navarra, the are two race options; “the competitive”, which belongs to the C1 category of the UCI cycling calendar, takes place along a route of 89.3km approx. in length. On the other hand, in the cyclotourist version you can choose between two routes: the same of the competitive one or another easier one called “Medio Fondo (MF)” with a little more than 50 km approx. in length.

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7th October
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2 modalities
Competition and Cyclotourism

Bike Marathon

Recorrido: 89.3km aprox
Desnivel: 2900 m+ aprox

Bike Marathon y Middle distace

Recorridos: 55.5km aprox
Desnivel: 1750 m+ aprox